Games For Christmas

We may not be having as many parties for Christmas in person this year but that doesn’t mean we can’t play Christmas Games! It’s always fun to have a family game night. Or add a game or two to your family celebration to spice things up. Or you can even do games on Zoom with friends and family members.  

Shawn M. Howell is the YouTube lady that is all about Family Games. Here are a couple fun ones in the video below.

If you’re looking for more games and even some Zoom Games to try check out Shawn’s page below. She has so many games for you to pick from and they are all easy and not crazy complicated.


One more idea….below is a Christmas Trivia Game you could play in teams or even just by yourself. See how many questions you can get right. It’s only about 5 mins. Game on!

And keep on listening to the Countdown to Christmas on Keys for Kids Radio! Only one week left!!!!

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