Play Some Fun Road Trip Games for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is in a few days, maybe you’re like me, you’re going on a long car trip. That can get pretty boring, so what are you gonna do for all that time? 

I like to read books or listen to music, but if you have a little brother or sister, maybe you can help them learn, right there in the car. Maybe you can read books to them or teach them a song or how to count. 

And you know what, Mom and Dad will really like that you’re not fighting with them, and keeping Mom and Dad happy is a good thing 😉

Ask Mom or Dad to visit the website below to gather some fun games for your Thanksgiving trip!

(Mom and Dad, the website below is not endorsed by or affiliated with Keys for Kids Radio, but the link is provided as a resource for you and your kids to have a fun road trip!)

The Joys of Boys

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