Crazy, Funny Thanksgiving Day Traditions

What’s one of your funny, crazy Thanksgiving traditions?

I heard of this one where the kids get to take the leftovers like the mashed potatoes, go out to the backyard after dinner, and have a big food fight! I bet some of the parents play too, because who wouldn't want to be a part of that?

These guys definitely had a lot of fun in their food fight

“Birthday Food Fight Party” via Flickr, Ian Ransley, CC BY 2.0

Another tradition is the official pumpkin smashing event for many families. Take any pumpkins you have left over from Halloween and bust them up however you want! Personally, I would throw them down on the ground as hard as I could 🙂

This looks like a fun pumpkin to smash

Every year, the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse has a frozen turkey bowling event. They oil up the frozen bird and roll it down a grocery aisle at bowling pins. Whoever gets the most points wins!

I wouldn't want to be this turkey!

Image via imgur

Another wacky Thanksgiving tradition is the official Presidential pardoning of a turkey. Not that the turkey did anything wrong, but he gets to avoid the Thanksgiving Day dinner table for at least another year!

I would rather be this turkey!

Image via Twitter


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