Arrrr! Find treasure hidden in the Keys for Kids devotions for a chance to win one of Pirate Zach’s treasure chests this summer! (Or walk the plank!)

Join the Word with Zach Treasure Hunt and follow the clues each week to discover treasure from God’s Word.

You could win one of Pirate Zach’s treasure chests in June, July, and August. Each treasure is another chance to win, so be sure to find all four each month and enter them weekly by selecting the button below:

What are the clues, and what’s the “treasure”?

On Mondays, Pirate Zach (just regular Zach, but with a hat 👲) will post a new clue right here. Use the clue to find a treasure in one of that week’s Keys for Kids stories as a part of the Word with Zach summer reading program.

Here’s the clue for June 17-23:

What’s the Bible reference for the verse that says, “There is no one who does what is good, not even one”?

As you read each week’s stories, remember the clue and keep an eye out for it!

Once you find the clue and the treasure, come back to this page to enter it in the Treasure Hunt:

What can I win?

Each month, Pirate Zach will randomly select a winner from everyone who found at least one correct treasure that month.

That means, if you found all four treasures in June, you’d have four chances to win in June!

Pirate Zach will pick from his stack of plunder to put together three pirate treasure chests, one each for June, July, and August, and fill it with his most valuable loot!

Word with Zach summer reading program

And don’t forget there are more ways to win with the Word with Zach summer reading program, like the Adventure Basket in June, the first 6 seasons of Down Gilead Lane in July, and a Keys for Kids Storyteller and journal in August.

Unless otherwise specified, the Word with Zach Treasure Hunt follows our general contest rules.