Would You Rather: Control Colors or Know Every Language?

Welcome back to “Would You Rather” Wednesday, where you pick what you want to do and why you want to do it!

Today’s question: Would you rather be able to change the color of anything with your mind or know every language on Earth?

Vote for your choice and leave a voice message:

Some of our friends chose colors:

“so everything can be red”

“i would be good at art then and i am not good at art now”

“If you don’t like something you can change it.”

“So everything is beautiful!”

And some chose languages:

“Because I could talk to anyone”

“so i can travel anywhere i want and know the language”

“Because, if I can know every language on earth, then I would be able to share the Gospel with everyone. No matter what language they spoke!”

“Because I am learning Japanese, and as difficult as that is, I would like to be able to speak it on-demand without difficulty. Knowing other languages along with Japanese.”

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