Would You Rather: Airplane vs Fire Truck as ONLY Choice!

Welcome back to “Would You Rather” Wednesday, where you pick what you want to do and why you want to do it!

Today’s question: Would you rather drive a fire truck as your only vehicle to get anywhere, or fly an airplane as your only choice to go anywhere every day?

Vote for your choice and leave a voice message:

Some of our friends told us why they chose fire truck:

“Easier than airplane”

“I would have to pay a lot to get around with a plane.”

“bc i do not want to wear a mask in a air plane”

And a bunch of our friends chose an airplane:

“I love flying and it would be faster to go places that are far away.”

“Because a fire truck CANNOT go over water, even though it is safer.”

“You can get to almost anywhere with them. You can land on water, runways and even in remote places. When you land on runways they often have cars you can use so you can drive around the area you want to.”

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