Saddle Up!

Now that you've done a safety check of your bike and helmet, and customized them to your individual style, it's time for a bike rodeo on Keys for Kids Radio's Summer of Fun!! Get family and neighbors together to compete in some of the following events:

– Zig-Zag Course

Create a course using chalk, tape or paint to create a zig-zag path between 30 and 50 feet long with four or five 90-degree turns along the way. The edges should be about three feet apart. Deduct 1 point each time a competitor's wheel touches a side.

Traffic cones laid out on the ground for a zig zag bike course

Slow Race

Lay out a course that is either a long straight line or a loop that brings riders back to the start. Two riders at a time should compete, pairing competitors of same age and riding ability.

Two kids riding bikes down an alley way

The object of this event is to be last, i.e., ride slowest. Ten points are awarded for the “winner” (slowest rider) with a deduction of one point for each time a foot touches the ground.

Give the second place person six points, with the same one-point deduction for each time he or she touches the ground.

– Stop on a Dime

Create a single straight line, about twenty-five feet long. One end is the start, the other end is the finish line, which you should mark clearly with a bold line, along with additional shorter markings every four inches a total of two feet in front of and behind it.

Have competitors begin at the start line, and ride toward the finish, aiming to stop pedaling and apply their brakes so that their front wheel ends up squarely on the main finish line.

Kid riding a bike uses his brakes to come to a skidding stop

Deduct one point for each four-inch marking that the rider stops in front of or behind the target finish line.

For more great bike rodeo ideas, click or tap this link!

Thanks for being a part of “All Things Wheels” this week on Keys for Kids Radio's Summer of Fun!



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