4 Tips for Going Back To School

How’s your back to school preparation coming? I know, it's tough. It's the last few weeks of summer and you don't want it to end, but it's time to start thinking about it. Here's a couple tips for you to help you get ready!

Make a back-to-school list and check it twice

Help your mom make a list of what you need for school. Remember, this is what you need, not what you want, so write down things like #2 pencils, backpack, notebooks, and folders. If your school uses iPads or tablets, you could also include a case to protect it and maybe a stylus to write on the screen with.

I forgot to clean up my last art project!I forgot to clean up!

Find what you want at the best price

If there are things you do want but you don’t absolutely need for school, ask your parents if you can help them find the best price for it online. If you can find a good deal, maybe you can get one or two extra things, and your parents will like that you're helping them too.

Love reading at the libraryLove reading at the library

Don't worry about what people will say 

Watch what happens when school starts: A couple weeks into the school year, all of your classmates are gonna have the newest, coolest thing. You know how fidget spinners have been so popular? There's going to be something like again, and you might think you need to have one too. There's a good chance it’s not actually helpful or cool at all, so don’t worry about not having it. The thing with these fads is nobody will remember it in a month or two. So don’t give in to what other people say is cool and get it just for that.

Okay, time for homeworkOkay, time for homework

If you follow these tips, you won't have to pay

At least, you won't make your parents spend as much money to get you ready for school, which can be really important. Your parents love you and they definitely want to give you everything you need to do well in school. Just remember that not everything you want is what you need to have. Keep that last tip in mind, and you'll have a great start to the school year.

Also, if you read each of the headlines above each tip in a row, it's a little poem I wrote, just for you! laugh

Source: News USA

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