When we talk about Thanksgiving, there's a lot going on that weekend, right? You go see your family on Thursday, maybe your mom or dad takes you shopping for some Black Friday deals, and then on Monday there's all the deals online for Cyber Monday. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are all about “what can I get?” Giving Tuesday, the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving, is just a little bit different from those days. It's actually a little bit more like Thanksgiving, because instead of thinking about yourself, Giving Tuesday focuses on how you can help other people. 


One of the big things that a lot people do on Giving Tuesday is to post selfies! They're called “unselfies” because giving back to other people is unselfish 🙂 They hold up signs in their “unselfies” that say why they give back (you can check out my unselfie right here on this post!) Then they share that picture on Facebook, Instagram, and other places to help spread the word about Giving Tuesday and to encourage their friends to give back too. If you want to take your own unselfie picture, you can download a sign right here

Help Others!

Giving Tuesday's website (yes, the day has its own website!) has tips on helping others, and you could find things like volunteering in a soup kitchen or visiting elderly neighbors who like having company. You can think of your own ways to give back too! Like to draw and create pictures? Then you could draw a picture of your church and tell your friends about why your church is important to you, and invite them to come with  you sometime. Talking to your friends about what you believe can be a great way to share Jesus with them. 

Habla Espanol?

One big way you can help with sharing Jesus on Giving Tuesday is by helping Keys for Kids Ministries (us!) with translating our Keys for Kids stories. This Giving Tuesday we're trying to raise enough money to translate a whole year of Keys for Kids stories into Spanish, so that kids just like you (except that they speak Spanish, of course) can learn about Jesus with the same stories that you love. Pretty cool, huh? It takes a lot of money though ($6,700 to be exact), and anything your family can contribute will make a huge difference everywhere that kids speak Spanish. 

Your parents can learn some more about helping us reach our goal right here.

/// Dylan

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