Gear Up: Keys for Kids Radio Goes Back to School!

This year we're doing the Gear Up Giveaway (you could win an Amazon Echo Dot!) to help you get ready to go back to school.

In honor of that, we'll be sharing pictures of kids just like you who are excited to dive back into the school year!

To kick it off, I thought we could share a few pictures of your Keys for Kids Radio staff when they went back to school.

Me (Dylan, Morning Host)

Technically, this is not a picture of me going back to school; this is my first day going to school at all!

Well, okay, maybe I wasn't the most excited kindergartner in the world, but check out that sweet t-shirt! Five-year-old me really knew how to dress. And I think I actually remember that red lunch sack too.

Tami (Music Director)

This is a really fun picture of Tami's first day going back to school! I'm not sure if this was taken at her school, but that carpet looks amazingly fun to play on. I bet she had a great first day back!

Steve (Afternoon Host)

Say hi to Steve and his wife Kelli! 

Now clearly, he's not going back to school to go to class anymore, but this is a picture he took when he visited his hometown and old middle school (oh, those many years ago, right Steve?)

I'm sure he has many fond memories there! laugh

What about you?

Are you excited to go back to school? Or do you feel like summer has flown by way too fast?

I'd love to hear from you! Tell me what you're excited about this school year or what you had fun doing this summer! 

Call 800-819-5437 with your parent's permission, and tell me what's up!

And don't forget to ask Mom or Dad to sign you up to win an Amazon Echo Dot!

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