You Could Get a Police Officer for Your Coach

Did you play in any sports this summer? Soccer league, football camp, anything like that? Some lucky kids in Chicago got to play in a special baseball league where all the coaches were police officers! How cool is that? I think that the best police officers are like super heroes. 

Hanging out in right fieldHanging out in right field

According to PRWeb, an organization called GET IN Chicago started this baseball league for kids three years ago and they’ve gotten more kids every year. It's a great way for kids like you to meet police officers and get to know them. And you don't just learn baseball on these teams, you also learn how to be a good example to others and how to get along when you disagree with someone.

Marco Johnson is a retired officer from the Chicago Police Department, who has been involved in the league since it started, “It’s a great thing to get these boys and girls outside, safely, and have them interact and connect with police on a number of levels – as a coach during the season, and as a mentor and a friend off the field as well.” I’m a little jealous of these kids myself because it would be so cool to play baseball with police officers.

A toy police officerMaybe this is your new coach?

GET IN Chicago's mission is to help kids who might get hurt through violence to stay safe, and to find out why bad things like that happen to kids and how to stop it from happening.

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