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So this post has to do with today's Bible trivia question, so if you hadn't heard the question or haven't called in with the answer, then read no further! This post contains SPOILERS 🙂 Listen to Keys for Kids Radio for today's question, and THEN come back here to find out more. 

No Peeking!

So two of the gifts were frankincense and myrrh. Not really things we talk about much today, but back around Jesus' day, they were seriously expensive gifts. Frankincense was made from the resin (sticky gooey stuff) the Boswellia tree. You get the resin by cutting notches in the tree, letting the resin leak out and harden on the trunk, and collecting the little hard lumps. They're used for medicines and taking care of your skin now, and back in Bible times, the priests burned frankincense in the Temple in Jerusalem. So bringing this stuff to Jesus show that the wise men though He was a pretty big deal!

Myrrh is a lot like frankincense: they're both resins from trees, you get both of them by poking holes in the trees, and they both smell really good when they're burned. The wise men brought myrrh to Jesus when He was very young, and interestingly, Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea brought myrrh to wrap up Jesus' body with after He died on the cross. Frankincense and myrrh were both used in medicine in ancient times, and the Roman Catholic church uses them in their services as well.

So I hope you didn't peek ahead at this article before you answered the question on Keys for Kids Radio! But in case you didn't, I left off one answer for the question. If you still want to give me all three answers today, listen for the cue to call, then give me a ring at 800-819-5437!

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