Countdown to Christmas With Us!

Countdown to Christmas with us!  All the fun starts tomorrow! And did you know there are 21 days to Christmas?  YAY!

Our first Christmas show: “David's Dynasty” tomorrow at 7 pm EST

On the hills outside of Bethlehem, a family of inquisitive, energetic shepherds discovers the meaning of being part of the royal dynasty that will one day produce a new king for their people. As they explore what the prophets said would happen in boring Bethlehem, they become part of the story unfolding on the night Jesus was born. They learn that even though you may have to wait to see it happen, God always keeps His promises. And in the end, they realize that every one of us is invited to be part of a dynasty – God's great family which we join when we believe in His Son. So, come join the humorous and side-splitting adventure of David's Dynasty today on Keys for Kids Radio!

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