Catch Some Fireflies

Are they called fireflies, or is it lightning bugs? (I grew up with lightning bugs.)

Either way, it's a pretty fun way to spend a summer evening. So get a butterfly net (check your local dollar store or big box store), a mason jar or two, then after it gets dark, begin the hunt!

Two women catch butterflies with nets in a mountain field

To catch fireflies, pretend to be one with a flashlight! Point it straight up or down (you don't want to scare fireflies by pointing it at them) and shine it on and off like a firefly's light.

A mason jar with lights inside

Use the butterfly net to catch them without accidentally crushing them, and carefully place them in a mason jar with a wet coffee filter to keep them from drying out. Remember to poke holes in the lid to let them breathe!

A close-up of a lightning bug sitting on a leaf

Let them go after a day or two of enjoying them in your home. There aren't as many fireflies nowadays as there used to be, so let the little guys go back and have fun!

A close-up of a lightning bug sitting on a leaf

Follow this link for some helpful tips, including what foods fireflies like best, and enjoy another Nighttime Adventure on Keys for Kids Radio's Summer of Fun!

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