Fear Not Factor

The mission is clear–the time is now! Get set for the most spectacular and celestial adventure of all time as Mary, Joseph, and a few simple shepherds in Bethlehem encounter the wonder of the Fear Not Factor! The most epic event of all time has been established and all of heaven's angels are gearing up to fulfill what has been planned. Under the command of archangel Michael, the Heavenly Army has been commissioned to wing flight to earth and unveil God's most unexpected, miraculous and perfect plan. However, only one angel, the anxious and thrilled Gabriel, has been selected to make the actual announcement of the Fear Not Factor to a few choice people. There's never been another night like the one when heaven and earth collided, as the Fear Not Factor pierced the starlit skies!  You won't want to miss Fear Not Factor today only on Keys for Kids' Radio!  Keep counting down to Christmas with us! Only 10 Days left!

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