Since the last time they won…

The Chicago Cubs and the World Series

If you're a baseball fan, or you at least follow the game casually, then you know that something really unusual has happened this year. The Chicago Cubs have put together a really, really good team! That's not to be mean, but the Cubbies haven't done too well in the past. But this year they've got a great chance to win the World Series! Do you know the last time they won the World Series? That was 1908. 108 YEARS AGO. A lot has happened since they won the last time:

1. Both radio AND TV were invented.

2. We landed a man on the moon.

3. 16 (SIXTEEN!) US Presidents were elected.

4. The Titanic was built, sailed, sunk, and then re-discovered again!

5. 40 Summer and Winter Olympic Games have been held (those only happen every 4 years!)

6. And finally, FIVE new states were added to the United States.

So the next time you're feeling impatient for Christmas or your birthday to finally get here already, just remember how long Chicago Cubs fans have waited to win the World Series again! Maybe it'll help you be more patient 😉 


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