4 Easy Ways to Help People

Do you ever wonder how you can help other people and do something good for God? You don’t have to give away a ton of money, you can just do some easy things in your neighborhood:

Pick out the books in your house that no one reads anymore, and donate them to a school or church who could use them.

Also, children's hospitals often accept books and other kinds of entertainment for the sick kids they're helping.

Grab some of your friends and clean up trash at your favorite park, then it’ll look really good! I mean, how much do you really want to slide into a pile of trash? Don't answer that 😉

A lot of people don’t have enough clothes, especially when it’s cold out. Find the clothes and jackets you don’t need and donate them to a homeless shelter.

In Grand Rapids, Michigan, where Keys for Kids Radio is at, Mel Trotter Ministries helps a lot of needy people. There may be a ministry in your area doing similar things to help!

Those shelters and food pantries also serve a lot of meals to people in need, so they need food donations too. Ask what food they need, and you might already have it at home.

Then you can ask your parents if your family can take it to the food pantry. Otherwise, maybe you and your parents can go grocery shopping for food to donate!

I hope you can use these ideas and more ideas of your own to help people around you!

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