#QAB: But the WHOLE earth?


Now I'm really not that old, I promise (only 24 years old; that's not old yet, right?), but I've still had time to hear some good questions about the Bible. I've even asked a few good questions, like have you ever wondered why God flooded the whole earth?

Houston, we got a problem

Before the Flood, humans were bad. I don't mean like shove-you-to-the-ground bad, I mean so-bad-that-God-hit-the-reset-button. Read about it in Genesis 6. Almost every single person on earth was so evil that God was sorry He even created anyone in the first place.

But not every person was like that. Noah and his family still obeyed God. Just one family out of the entire world. That's like having one neon pink blade of grass in your whole yard around your house. But because Noah and his family followed God, God saved them by telling Noah to build the Ark. You can read about that in last week's #QAB post.

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