Rainbows in the Bible?

Question about the Bible

The last couple of weeks we've been talking about the Flood on Question about the Bible. This week, why do you think God put the rainbow in the sky after the Flood?

The rainbow is a “sign” of one of God's promises, the promise to never destroy the whole earth in a flood again. It's kinda like a road sign. When you're riding in the car, you might see a sign that says “Speed Limit 25”. The sign is telling you (or really your parent, or whoever is driving) not to go any faster than 25 miles per hour. When you're walking around outside after a rainstorm and see a rainbow, the rainbow is telling you “Hey, remember God's promise? Yeah, He's still keeping it.” It's a reminder of how faithful God is.

There are other signs that God has given us, like the cross. It reminds us that Jesus died for us. Or the empty tomb, that reminds us that Jesus came back to life, and by doing that, showed that God is way stronger than death and sin. And even when you read in the Bible about God's throne, that's a sign of His power over everything (since He created it).

Can you think of any other signs of God's promises in the Bible? Help me learn a little more, tell me what those are at 800-819-5437 /// Dylan

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