9-Year-Old Amber Was A Great Example

Sometimes life just doesn’t seem fair, and for 9 year old Amber, life was really short too. She was really, really sick, and she passed away when she was really young. But she learned how to love every moment of her life and appreciate even the smallest little moments of happiness, and she inspired even her teacher. That teacher, Margaret Wright, loved Amber so much that she wrote a book about her called “Princess Amber”. Amber showed the people around her what was in her heart.

The cover picture of the book written about Amber

If you’re a Christian, are you showing other people how much you love Jesus by how you act and by being joyful? He's saved you, and He's given you a new way to live with His help. Other people around you should be able to see that, just like Margaret saw how joyful Amber was, despite being sick.

Source: PR Web

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