What Is Geocaching?

Looking for something to do while you are camping or an outside activity for the week? Try going on a real life treasure hunt with GEOCACHING! 

It’s kind of a funny word but all you do is use a GPS device or a geocaching app to find hidden containers with treasures in them. After you sign the log you can take one of the “treasures” and leave one for someone else to find. So fun!  

There are rules and more details on how to geocache on the official web site. You can also plan out your geocache trip ahead of time and download it to your GPS or phone app. You’ll definitely want to check out the web site before you try it.

Still not convinced?  Watch below as some kids find a geocache in the woods!  

Whether it’s in town (yes they aren’t all in the woods) or down a nature trail, geocaching is worth trying. There are probably some hidden around you right now and you don’t even know it. GEOCACHING is on the top of our list for GEAR UP FOR CAMPING week on Keys for Kids Radio's Summer of Fun.  Happy Hunting!

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