I Love Popcorn

Today is National Popcorn Lovers Day. Anyone a popcorn lover? It’s fun to make and it’s fun to eat. What’s not to love?  

But have you ever wondered how does popcorn pop? And can any old corn kernel be popcorn? 

National Geographic Kids help explain how popcorn popping works. It’s really interesting. Those kernels are just little steam machines. Amazing!

How Popcorn Works from National Geographic Kids:

Once you’ve got your corn popped it’s time to get crazy with the flavors. You can add cookie crumbs for cookies and cream popcorn. You can add mini marshmallows, chocolate chips and smashed graham crackers for smore flavored popcorn. Yum! I’ve even seen tomato popcorn. I’m not kidding.

So take whatever favorite flavor you have in the house, smash it up and it should work on popcorn. Here are some easy ideas. I think the peanut butter popcorn looks like a winner to me!

Popcorn Three Ways:

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