Keys for Kids Radio Reaches Kids Globally

Kids can call Keys for Kids Radio anytime at 1-800-819-5437

Have you heard of iTunes, Pandora, and Spotify? These music services are allowing people of all ages to play the kind of music they like. But, with today’s music, parents need a safe place for kids. That’s why Keys for Kids Ministries is providing Keys for Kids Radio at

Formerly His Kids Radio, Keys for Kids Radio provides kids with music, special programming, and live announcers to encourage listener interaction 24/7. “This radio network is heard by people literally around the world,” says Executive Director of Keys for Kids Ministries Greg Yoder. “People in 161 countries have tuned in to listen to Keys for Kids Radio, with the top four countries being the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia,” he added.

Dylan Kraayenbrink is host and program director for the ministry. “Kids can expect to hear the best Christian kids’ music and programs available anywhere online and all in one place,” Kraayenbrink says. “Our goal is to reach kids with the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

He adds, “Kids can call in to Keys for Kids Radio anytime they want at 1-800-819-5437 to chime in on topics of the day, request a song, or ask questions.”

What are parents saying about Keys for Kids Radio? Jodie from Australia says, “We have been listening for about eight weeks now and within two weeks, my 4-year-old asked Jesus into her life, and just yesterday my 7-year-old did. Thank you so much for providing such amazing material that I can trust to help me draw my kids to God. I am in debt for your help.”

Keys for Kids Radio is growing. Listenership doubled between December and January. It increased nine percent between January and February. March numbers were equally impressive.

What can kids hear? Down Gilead Lane, Red Rock Mysteries, as well as programs like Adventures in Odyssey, The Pond, and more.

It’s free to listen. Go to and click on the “listen now” link.

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