How to Love Reading the Bible

Welcome to Reading Week on Keys for Kids Radio's Summer of Fun!

Today we're talking about reading the Bible and loving it!

Act out Bible stories with Lego or Minecraft

What better way to learn a Bible story than to act it out? You can make it even more fun by using Lego people or other toys for the characters in the story, and building places and props with Lego blocks.

Take this idea online and go into Creative Mode on Minecraft. Build the whole city of Jericho, complete with walls, and get a bunch of friends to be the Israelites marching around the city. Then use dynamite to knock the walls down after the seven days of marching!

You don't have to do just the story of Jericho in Minecraft. Pick any Bible story you like and get creative with acting it out!

Get a Bible that you like to read

How do you like reading the plain black copies of the Bible in the pew at church? Just page after page of words with nothing to break it up. Not always the most fun to look at, right? (Except for the maps. I always liked the maps!)

Ask your Mom and Dad if you can go Bible shopping together to pick out your very own copy of the Bible. Maybe you want to find a Bible that has pictures of the stories in it, or a translation that uses easier words to understand. One thing I like about my Bible is that it has notes that tell me more about what's happening at the bottom of each page.

If you have a Bible that you like looking at, that you know you can understand the words, and can help you learn more about what's going on, then you'll likely love to read it more often!

Read to your siblings

Who doesn't love an audience? You can have fun reading Bible stories to your little brothers or sisters. Try out different voices for different characters and practice your narrator voice. Build suspense during the tense part of a story, and make them laugh during funny parts! And yes, there are funny things in the Bible laugh (Talking donkeys, anyone?)

Reading to your siblings is also a good way for you to really pay attention to what's happening in a story and see it in a different way than you've thought it about it before. It also helps your siblings learn it, which leads to…

Set a good example for your siblings

Do you ever get annoyed with your younger siblings imitating what you do? I know it can be frustrating, but realize that they're watching you and they want to be like you. You might not realize it, but you can be a leader in your family because of this.

You can use this to help them learn more about God. When you read your Bible out in the living room or someplace else your siblings can see you, they may want to imitate that about you too, and begin reading their Bibles on their own more. 

I hope you'll use these tips to read the Bible more! We were inspired by this video by Love Britt Woods: 

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