It Can Be Scary to Share the Gospel

Are you ever afraid of telling other people about Jesus? I know it can feel scary. But have you heard of the Apostle Paul? He wrote a lot of the New Testament. He spread the Good News about Jesus, and he was often hurt for doing it. At the end of his life he was even put in prison for telling other people about Jesus! 

But Paul didn’t mind, because he knew that everything that happened to him was a part of God’s plan. Plus, since he accepted his imprisonment as a part of God's plan, it helped other Christians be more confident about following Jesus. In one of his most famous verses he said, “For me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.” (Philippians 1:21) He didn’t care about what happened to himself, he just wanted to serve God.

What do you think you can learn from the Apostle Paul? He knew that when he obeyed God and told others about Jesus, God would always be with him and take care of him. You don't have to be afraid either; just ask God to help you to be brave.


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