What's a Mime and Can I Be One?

Have you ever seen a mime perform before? He doesn’t say even one word at all, but he acts out everything he wants you to know. He can tell a whole story with just what he does. It takes a lot of practice to become a good mime, like this guy in the video ↓

Have you thought about what you’re saying with your actions? Listening to your friend’s story tells them that you care about them. But pushing someone over tells them that you’re mean and don’t care. What’s something that you can do for someone that shows that you do care?

In today's Keys for Kids story, Baker and his mom find a mime! Listen here 🙂


Source: Keys for Kids Ministries; S&I Productions/YouTube.

Header image: “Mime Artist” by Paul Hudson, via FlickrCC-BY 2.0, changes made.

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