10-Year-Old Alex Helps Two People Through Prayer

Do you look for chances to pray for the people around you? Maybe even pray WITH people you don’t know?

According to Baptist Press, 10-year-old Alex Aust saw a car crash and ran over with his parents to help.

While they were driving through a residential area, Alex said he was “being a kid and checking everything out” in the truck. He didn't see the crash happen, but, “I saw him hit the ground, and I was just in shock,” Alex said.

The lady driving the van was really upset: “She was crying and screaming, and I kept thinking I should be out there doing something,” Alex said. “Then God just said to me, 'You want to be used. Go.'”

Alex prayed with her that everyone would know that it was just an accident and that the person who got hurt would get better. “It wasn't me,” Alex said. “All I remember saying was 'amen.' It was God talking through me.”

Alex’s family visited the man who was hurt a few times at the hospital and Alex prayed with him too. “I didn't care what Fred [the injured man] looked like, I just wanted to see him,” Alex said. “I had been praying that he would wake up. When I got there, I just started talking to him, and I told him that when he got well I was going to take him fishing.”

That made a big difference in how well Fred got better, and Alex’s prayer with the woman showed her how much God loved her too. Alex's mom, Christy, talked about how the lady felt, “She had told the insurance company that the words Alex spoke were not human, and they made the most profound impact on her life ever. She said that her heart was filled with hope and love after that prayer.”

You can show other people how much Jesus loves them, and don’t wait for a scary thing like a car crash, you can pray for them now. Ask God to show you how you can pray.

“I just opened my mouth and let Jesus do the rest,” Alex said. “I don't want people to look at me and what I did. I want them to look at Jesus.”

Source and photo credit: Baptist Press. Edited for brevity.

*Names have been changed to protect privacy.

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