Painting with SQUIRT GUNS

You know what happens when you say “I'm bored” to your parents? You probably get assigned a chore to do!

So when you feel like saying “I'm bored”, grab some watercolor paint and squirt guns instead! This is a super fun and super easy way to create your own custom squirt gun artwork.

You'll need a couple things:

1. Squirt guns (duh)

2. Watercolor paint

3. An easel with clips to hold paper (or thumbtacks to hang paper on a tree)

4. Watercolor paper

A young boy points a squirt gun at the viewer

Clip the paper to your easel or to a tree, fill your squirt gun with paint, and blast away! When you finish a new masterpiece, lay it in the sun to dry, and maybe weigh it down with a rock so it doesn't blow away.

Don't stop at just one! Keep going for a whole afternoon and you can make enough paintings to cover your whole room.

A young boy points a squirt gun at the viewer

Did you try this activity? Let us know! Have Mom or Dad post a picture of your squirt gun art on Facebook and tag Keys for Kids Ministries!

It's a part of Creative Fun Week on Keys for Kids Radio's Summer of Fun!

We originally found this craft idea on Fireflies and Mudpies.

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