BEST House: Cave or TREE?

Welcome back to “Would You Rather” Wednesday, where you pick what you want to do and why you want to do it!

Today’s question: Would you rather live in a cave or live in a treehouse?

Think about what kind of animals you would find in a cave, or what kind of views you would have from your house. How would you get up and down every day?

Vote for your choice and leave a voice message:

Some of our friends had some pretty creative reasons for choosing a cave:

“becas i could find jewels”

“its safe”

“Because there’s cave hotels”

And there were some great reasons for choosing a tree house too:

“If I lived in a tree house I would have an awesome view of everything, and I could decorate it however I wanted and do whatever I wanted when I was up there!”

“Because it’s better and you won’t need to worry about any bats hanging on your ceiling.”

“You could have a slide inside, and you could have a secret box, and put candy in it. And you could make secret plans for April Fools.”

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