The HARDEST Way to Make Pizza!

I love pizza, it’s definitely one of my favorite foods, and I bet you like it too. If you’ve ever made homemade pizza, you know it can take a good bit of time and effort to make the dough, chop the toppings, and maybe you even make your own pizza sauce!

So how hard do you think it would be to make homemade pizza…underwater?

Now I don’t mean pulling on a  scuba suit, I’m talking about making pizza on a submarine! There’s hardly any space to breath on a sub, much less make pizza for a whole hungry crew.

And you have to deal with the submarine tilting up and down as it moves to different depths; it’d be like your whole kitchen suddenly sitting on a steep hill and all your ingredients tumbling off the counter!

Check out how the world’s best dinner gets made – underwater!

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