Does your family like to get competitive? Even on little things that usually you wouldn’t think are even games to win?

Skipping rocks on a lake are a perfect example, you’d think that’s just something to pass some time. But if you really want to WIN at skipping rocks, here’s the scientifically proven way to get the most skips!

You want to get a rock with a smooth bottom, pretty flat, heavy-ish but not so heavy you can’t throw it easily. Throw it pretty hard and flick your wrist as much as you can, that makes the rock rotate really fast and helps it skip more times. And when you throw it, you want it to land on the water about 9 feet in front of you. 9 feet is about one and half grownups laying on the ground from head to toe, or the height of the giant Goliath 😁

Mark Rober, engineer extraordinaire, shows exactly how to put all these steps together, including building a robot that skips rocks perfectly! Check it out:

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