Shaving Cream Art

The best thing about doing arts and crafts in the summer is you can make the mess outside! We have some ideas that you can try with shaving cream. Shaving Cream Art…yes it’s a real thing.  

A lot of people have tried Shaving Cream Marbling. It’s basically putting shaving cream in a tray or bowl, swirl in some food coloring or thinned washable paint and then press a piece of cardstock into it. 

You’ll want to scrap the excess foam paint off and then let it dry. The thicker the paper you use the better.

Or you can give Puffy Paint a try. All you need is shaving cream, glue, food coloring and a plastic baggie. It’s super easy and super fun!

One last idea is to make easy Foam Dough. It’s kind of like play dough but you make it yourself. Check out how below!

We’ve had a blast discovering all the ways Shaving Cream can be used for Summer of Fun on Keys for Kids Radio. Hope you give it a try!

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