10 Things To Do With Dad on Father's Day Weekend

The best thing about Father’s Day is spending time with your dad. Here are 10 things that you can do with your dad…why not try something new? Or something old?  

And most importantly…..

  1. Make a campfire – Yummy s'more creations are always a hit at our house!
  2. Go to a ballgame – Or better yet go to the park and play ball yourself.
  3. Projects – Working on a fun project together or tackling that garage is love in action. 
  4. Go for a hike – Time to get up & get moving while you enjoy the outdoors.
  5. Games – All kinds of games are fun like board games, yard games or mini golf.
  6. Play in the water – Give fishing, boating, skipping rocks or splashing in the hose a try.
  7. Karaoke – Try picking songs to sing that Dad loved growing up. Guaranteed Fun!
  8. Cook a special treat – What’s Dad’s favorite?
  9. Naps – All dads LOVE naps. Make sure he gets one! And most importantly…
  10. Tell Dad how much he means to you! Write a letter or poem, draw a picture, write a song, create a video. Try doing them all together and put on a show with songs, readings and a skit.

Still stuck? I love this idea of decorating a cup and filling it with words that describe your dad. “My Dad is…” It's really not important what you do but that you do something to make sure Dad knows how much he's loved!

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