Pet Obstacle Course: CAT vs DOG

Have you ever done an obstacle course before? Where you have to run up ramps, climb rope ladders, and jump across platforms?

Dogs and cats can do stuff like that too, and if you have pets, you can set up your own obstacle courses for them.

That’s what one pet owner did, just a simple course: it was a bunch of markers, lipstick containers, and plastic tubes standing up in a hallway.

Now their cat just carefully walked around all the obstacles without knocking any of them over, very delicately.

But the three golden retrievers were very confused by the obstacle course and either refused to walk through it, or knocked a bunch of them over!

One of the dogs picked up a marker in his mouth and just carried it around. Maybe he thought all the other markers would follow it and get out of the way?

Check out the cat vs dog obstacle course:

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