This Poor Pup Got Fired For Being Friendly

Gavel the puppy has had a tough life. After he was born, he began training to be a police dog in Australia, but he was too friendly! He got fired from the police dog academy, but now he has a new job. 

When he was still training, Gavel met the governor of Queensland, and the governor has hired him. He’s now the Vice Regal Dog of Queensland, which means he will help greet visitors and diplomats, go to state parties, and attend staff meetings. He’s even got an official uniform and everything! 

“There was, admittedly, some vacillation over the name. We had considered Guber, as in gubernatorial; or Soda, the pooch of Queensland’s second Governor, Sir Samuel Blackall, from Old Government House. But we had in mind, rightly as it turns out, a confident, inquisitive young pup, one to assist, we hope, in the dispensation of justice for the benefit of the people – hence ‘Gavel’,” says His Excellency the Honourable Paul de Jersey AC, also known as the Governor of Queensland, Australia.


A Day in the Life of Gavel (he's a little more grown up now!):

Source: Government House, Queensland website and Facebook, Office of the Governor/YouTube.

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