Arctic Foxes: God's Sub-Zero Survivalists!

Arctic foxes may look cute, but they are clever, tough little creatures. They live in the Arctic, a land of towering icebergs and brutal sub-zero winds. Their beautiful white fur camouflages them and protects them from the cold.

To keep warm, Arctic foxes lie down and curl their fluffy tails over their faces like scarves. They even have fur growing on their feet that keeps their paws from freezing to the ice. They have their own fur boots!

An arctic fox sitting beneath a bare tree in a frozen snowy landscape

The only relief an Arctic fox gets from the cold is in summer, which lasts between 50 and 60 days. They shed their white fur coats in favor of a cooler gray undercoat. As snow melts, their summer look helps them blend in with newly exposed rocks and plants.

Arctic foxes hunt and store food underground in summer to be dug up in winter. Researchers found one fox had hidden 40 birds and more than 30 eggs in one spot!

An arctic fox sleeping a small next

Arctic foxes hunt alone, but they know that survival depends on sticking together. They mate for life and live in small groups in a den. Dens can be passed down and used by the same family for over a hundred years.

Often one grown pup, usually female, will stay behind when her brothers and sisters move out to help her parents raise the next litter of pups. Now that’s one dedicated big sister!

Did you know that you can be like an Arctic fox? In good seasons and tough seasons, God provides all you need to thrive. Dig deep in His Word every day and hide Scripture in your heart to recall when you face tough times.

And don’t go it alone—talk to God in prayer, and ask others to pray for you, too. Along the way, be a big brother or sister to a younger believer and share what you’ve learned with them. 

You can be smart like the Arctic fox and thrive with God’s help!

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