Baby Toy Poodle Puppy Get His First Haircut!

My cats, Tibbles and Timber, have a huge problem. It’s not their fault, they were born with this problem. And that problem is…their claws.

God made cats to hunt and play and their claws are a part of hunting and playing. But they don’t hunt in our house, and they end up playing with my hands and sometimes with my face…using their claws!

So sometimes I have to trim their claws and they are not fans of that. I have to hold them down in my lap and usually by the third or fourth claw they have exploded from my grasp and shot like lightning into hiding in the basement.

They do not like to be groomed by humans whatsoever.

But some pets are way better at sitting still, and yeah I hate to admit it, but I’m talking about dogs. There’s this breed of dog called a toy poodle, so it’s just itty-bitty and super fluffy, honestly you could probably put this particular dog in your pocket!

He was a very good boy, even when he was getting a bath – he looked like a drowned rat and super skinny laugh But then the groomer dried him off and fluffed him up and he expanded to about twice his size from before, just from all his fur being puffy again!

It’s just heart-melting to watch him get a haircut, see what a good boy he is:

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