Would You Rather: Amazing Writer vs Amazing Photographer

Welcome back to “Would You Rather” Wednesday, where you pick what you want to do and why you want to do it!

Today’s question: Would you rather be an amazing photographer or an amazing writer?

Vote for your choice and leave a voice message:

Some of our friends chose becoming a writer:

“I love to write books and if I was a famous author that means my books would actually be published :)”

“i picked being an amazing writer because i LOVE reading (like keeper of the lost cities, the hobbit, lord of the rings) and i want to write books”

“I love to use [the] great imagination that God has given me. I like to put my thoughts on paper for others to enjoy.”

“I could write books! I already am starting on a📕book but it is taking forever!”

And some friends chose photographer:

“I pick photographer because my sister loves taking realy good foto’s”

“I love taking pictures because it has been my dream [since] i was little.”

“I’ve been taking photos for a long time. I’m 10. I take a lot of pictures with our family camera, and on phones a lot. I love how there are so many things to record in photography, so many angles, and lots more interesting things about it. I love PHOTOGRAPHY!!!!”

“I like to be out and about where those good pictures are taken. It’s so beautiful.”

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