Christmas Stars

Countdown to Christmas continues today on Keys for Kids Radio!  Check out these “starry” stories airing today!  


Join the students at Douglas Fir Elementary School and their teacher Miss L. Toe for their annual Christmas Star Competition. Who will win? And will they learn the real meaning of Christmas?

It's Finding the Christmas Star, by Jeff Slaughter, today on Keys for Kids Radio.

A Star is Born today on Keys for Kids Radio!

We'll follow a group of children preparing for a big Christmas television production. When Sophia the actress comes to play the role of Mary, the director and the other actors try to help her understand that the “star” of any Christmas production is Jesus Christ. The main lesson is to be humble and allow God to use you for His glory.

Isaiah Jones and the Seekers of the Lost Christmas Treasure

Isaiah Jones and the Seekers of the Lost Christmas Treasure delivers action and adventure galore as you are transported into a video game world of mystery, intrigue, and adrenaline-generating Christmas fun!

Join in the excitement as our young hero, along with his friends and companions, search for the Lost Christmas Treasure, navigating levels of the video game as they go.

Cheer them on through challenge after challenge as they follow the shooting star that guides their way on a suspense-filled journey, leading them to their greatest discovery…the real Treasure of Christmas is Jesus!

It's a fun musical written by Christy Semsen and Daniel Semsen. 

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