Sick Kid Gets a Birthday Surprise

Noah Pedlar and his family have a special hotel they love to stay at, even though they're only there when Noah is in the hospital. Noah was born with Spina Bifida, which causes his legs not to do what he wants, among other things.

Noah Pedlar plays with a ball

He’s had to be in the hospital a lot because of that, and his family have a favorite hotel that they always stay at, but because of the coronavirus they haven’t been able to stay there.

Noah Pedlar sits on a bed of leaves in a park

So, for Noah’s sixth birthday, his parents decided to decorate his room just like their favorite hotel room! They got the same kind of bedsheets, the same purple accent lights, they even put up the hotel logo on a TV!

The Pedlar family poses for a photo in warm fall clothes

Check out some pictures of Noah’s special birthday bedroom: 

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