Sheep TRANSFORMED after losing FIVE YEARS of wool!

There have been a couple pretty cold days this past winter, and you probably had to bundle up with a sweater, winter jacket, hat, gloves, pants and snow pants all together.

Walking around with that much clothes on kinda makes you feel like a walrus or a puffy snowman!

Imagine you couldn’t take all those warm clothes off for five whole years, you’d be sweating in the summer for sure! That’d be really tough.

Well in Australia, Baarack the sheep was discovered wandering the forest with five years worth of wool. Usually sheep get sheared once a year, so five years worth was really hurting him, it weighed nearly 80 pounds!

What would it be like for you to walk around with 80 pounds of warm woolly clothes every day?

Find out how Baarack gets rescued:

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