RESULTS: Ten Toys or Decorate Your Room!

Thanks for taking part in Wednesday’s Would You Rather poll!

I asked, would you rather decorate your room with whatever you want OR have ten toys of your choice, no matter how much money?

If you asked me this question when I was ten, I’d 100% go for the toys, and it probably would have been stuff like Legos, and PlayStation games. No Minecraft back then, if you can believe it!

But, over 78% of Keys for Kids Radio listeners said they’d rather decorate their room! And there were definitely some great ideas:

“I would paint the walls light yellow, and get furniture matching…like an aesthetic room.”

One was “galaxy theme” and another said “have a lot of my toys gone” which surprised me!

One of our friends said this in their answer, “Listening to Keys for Kids Radio is a great motivator when redecorating your room!” Thank you so much for saying that!

On the toys side, one listener said they’d get the “Lego Millennium Falcon and a Lego Death Star”; both excellent options in my opinion, as a Star Wars fan.

And the last toys choice was not even physical toys but virtual ones; “Mostly toys on my Nintendo switch” – although maybe they meant accessories?

Thanks for taking part in Would You Rather Wednesday! Another question where YOU get to choose coming up for you next Wednesday so don’t miss it!

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