Want to Write a Letter to a Kid Far Away? Here's Some Ideas

Does your family sponsor a child through an organization like Compassion International? You can write them a letter, and I think they would like hearing from you! 

Here are some ideas of what you could write, from kids who are sponsored through Compassion International:

“I’m happy to read about the new things in his life,” 16-year-old Zinash says about her sponsor. “He also prays for me, my family and my country. He also asks me about my education and my exam results.” 

Yeabsera says “I am happy when they ask me about the holidays we celebrate and our country’s situation. They also tell me about their holidays. I love learning new things from them.” 

Michelle likes knowing that her sponsor family prays for the chance to come visit her in Kenya some day, and they encourage her to work hard.

Twelve-year-old Ashenafi says, “My favorite thing my sponsor writes me is when he tells me he loves me and he prays for me and my family. He also writes me about their new baby.”

Joyce’s sponsor family recently wrote, “Happy Birthday Joyce, we love you and we are praying for you every day. You are wonderfully made!”

Moses’ sponsor family wrote, “You are loved and special to me and more especially to God. Happy birthday!”

Eyerusalem says, “I am excited to know that they love me and they have posted my picture in their house. They also tell me about their country.”

Michelle likes to remember something her sponsor wrote to her: “I feel like a proud father who is seeing you grow up so fast, and so beautiful … God has a special plan for you.”

I hope these kids have given you some ideas of what you could write too. Let us know if your family sponsors a child and tell us about them. Call the Instant Answer Robot at 800-819-5437!

Photos and stories originally by Katy Bennett on Compassion International's blog.

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