Why Are There So Many Rules?

Rules can be really hard to understand sometimes. Why are there so many of them? Why do I have to obey them? Why can't I do the fun things that rules say no to?

Parents and teachers aren't the only ones that have rules; God gave us rules too. Maybe it seems like they don’t make sense or they’re unfair. Read on to explore why there are rules:

Have you ever wondered why God gave Moses so many laws to follow in the Old Testament? The book of Leviticus especially has a lot of rules to obey!

The basic ten rules for Israel to obey are the 10 commandments. Many of the other laws came from the 10 commandments.

You know what? The people in Israel didn't always like all these rules, and they disobeyed the rules a lot of times.

You can read a bunch of stories in the book of Judges of when Israel didn't follow the rules, and you'll find out that a lot of bad things happened to them because they disobeyed, like they got invaded by the Philistines or other nations and they were put into slavery.

God didn’t give Moses and Israel all these rules to make their lives harder, He gave the rules so their lives would be better (and so they wouldn't be slaves)!

The laws did really good things for Israel: they helped Israel organize into a nation, they taught the people how stay healthy, and they showed them how to lead obedient lives to God. Rules are good things to help you!

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