Why Did Jesus Have to Die? Best News Ever on Keys for Kids Radio

The thing about Easter, and the celebration around it, is that (spoiler alert) Jesus conquered death! But before we get there, we have to face this thing called: DEATH. The reason we celebrate its defeat is because death was the result of the worst thing that ever happened.

Check out this video from The Bible Project to learn more, and then keep reading:

See, when people were first created – way back in the beginning – there was no death! It wasn’t part of the picture. And there also was no sin (people doing, thinking and saying things they’re not supposed to).

At that time, God told the people He had created (Adam and Eve) something they should not do – it was His one rule (find that story in Genesis 2:16, 17). God said that if they broke the rule, they would introduce death into the world.

And, sure enough, in the next chapter of Genesis, they broke that rule, and death began. In fact, the first victims of physical death were a couple of innocent animals that God had to kill to use their skins to cover Adam and Eve’s shame.

After that, sin continued… and so did death. Eventually, God instituted a system of animal sacrifice to help the people cover – or atone for – their sins. But that system was only a temporary fix, because it didn’t stop people from sinning, and the “atonement” didn’t last… innocent animals kept having to be sacrificed.

But God had a plan to provide a perfect and final sacrifice to atone for our sins! This plan was hinted at in Exodus chapter 12 when God set His people free at the first Passover (more on that this coming Saturday).

Now we know that God’s perfect and final sacrifice was His son: Jesus. He didn’t have to die, He chose to die, so that we could be free!

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