Did People in the Bible Have Ice Cream?

It's been a hot summer! My wife Nicole and I had to beat the heat and get some ice cream. She got salted caramel and I got my favorite that I always get, chocolate chip cookie dough!

(I pretty much just like to eat the cookie dough wink)

Ice cream was invented only 200 years ago, and even though that seems like a long time ago, Bible times were about 2,000 years ago! So people in the Bible didn't have ice cream.

But they did have really good food of their own! God promised the Israelites that they would live in a land “flowing with milk and honey.” That's pretty much the Old Testament version of ice cream, I think.

The Promised Land was great for growing food like figs, dates, grapes, raisins, rice and vegetables; and raising animals like venison, lamb, goats, and making milk and cheese.

The Israelites didn't have grocery stores or refrigerators, but they did have plenty of delicious and healthy food!

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