Those Distraught Disciples!

On what we now call Easter weekend, but 2000 years ago, Jesus died on the cross and was buried on Friday, and rose again on Sunday. But today, on Saturday, what do you think the disciples thinking? After all, their leader and friend was just arrested by the Jewish high council, put on trial by the Roman government, and died in one of the worst ways imaginable. Now maybe the Jewish leaders would came after them next! They were scared!

The disciples thought Jesus was going to save them from the Romans, like how Moses saved Israel from Egypt. They didn't understand they need to be saved from going to hell, and that Jesus needed to die for them and for everyone to do that. And even though Jesus had warned them what would happen at the end of His ministry, they didn't realize He was going to come back to life from dying. 

Can you imagine being that scared? What would you tell the disciples to help them feel better? Tell me by calling 800-819-5437 and leaving a message!


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