How to Find a Specific Verse in the Bible

Maybe you’ve been to church all your life and you’ve spent a lot of time in the Bible, or maybe you’re new to reading the Bible. But do you know how to find specific verses in the Bible?

Each verse in the Bible has a verse reference, which is kinda like the street address for your home. 

First there’s the book in the Bible it’s written in, like the city you live in.

Then there’s the chapter number, the big number on the page; you can think of that as the street you live on.

And finally the verse number itself, the smaller number within the paragraph itself — that’s like your house number.

So for John 3:16, go to the book of John (that’s in the New Testament), find the big number 3 for the chapter, then look for the little number 16 for the verse!

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