3 Ways to Help Your Parents Pack Your Lunch

Maybe you like school, or maybe you’d rather go back to summer. But have you thought about how your parents feel when you go back to school? 

According to PR News, one survey found that packing your lunch is the most stressful part of school for your mom and dad. Do you agree with that? I mean, just packing a lunch doesn't seem like it'd be that big of a deal. But maybe the better question is, do your parents agree with that? 

If Mom and Dad have a hard time packing your lunch, you can help them out! Try these tips:

1. Pack your lunch all by yourself

If you're a little older, maybe 10 or 12, do you think you can take one more chore off your parents' shoulders? They have quite a few things to take care of, so I'm sure they would appreciate your taking care of this on your own!

2. Help pick out food at the grocery store

When you help Mom or Dad shop for groceries, point out the food you would like to have in your lunch the next week. You probably won't get everything you want (after all, sugary sweet or salty snacks aren't any too good for you), but if they know there's something you'll like (that's reasonably healthy wink), it's easy to pop it in your lunch box.

3. Be willing to eat something that's not your favorite

I love peanut butter and pretzels, but I don't always get to have it for lunch. And you know what? That's okay. Sometimes I'll have leftovers instead of my favorite snack with lunch. Can you be okay with it if there's something in your lunch that you don't 100% like? It will help your parents a lot if you're willing to eat what's easy to pack in your lunch!

I hope you can use these tips to make your parents' lives a little easier! They love you, and you can show them how much you love them back by helping them.

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