Cloudy Creatures

Have you ever looked up at the clouds and found the shape of an elephant or a cat? Here's an activity you might want to do with younger brothers & sisters doing just that!

A golden sunset over a small lake with a fishing boat

You’ll Need:

  • A blanket,
  • a list of animals, and
  • a Bible.

What To Do

Take little kids outside on a partly cloudy day to gaze at the sky and find the animals aboard Noah’s ark. While sitting or lying on a blanket, read through the list of animals you prepared beforehand, then challenge the kids (and yourself) to find the animals' shapes in the clouds.

Noah's Ark in the Flood with rain

Read Genesis 7 aloud. Afterward, talk about how God took care of Noah, his family, and the animals during the Flood. Encourage them when they look at the clouds in the sky to remember how God cared for the animals during the flood and how he cares for each of them every day.

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